Chevery’s Sports Weekend January 26th-28th 2018

Hockey tournaments and carnivals are something very important to the culture on the coast. Beginning mid January, ending in March, every weekend there is a different Hockey Tournament or Carnival in the villages along the Lower-North-Shore. During the weekend of January 26th-28th, it was Chevery’s turn.

Like every other year, the hockey games started late Friday afternoon. There were many hockey teams participating in the tournament, all from the villages surrounding Chevery. These included the Harrington Harbour Islanders, the La Tabatière Bullets, the St Augustine Raiders and the La Romaine Warriors, as well as our home team, the Chevery River Rats. Sadly, because there was a bad flu going around on the coast, there wasn’t as big of a turn out as other years. Nevertheless, there was still people there supporting the teams.

During the weekend, there was also various activities for the children. On Friday morning, before the hockey started, there were races. There were also two children’s hockey games. On Saturday afternoon, the Chevery Hornets played against the La Tabatière Predators. Sunday morning, there was a second game between the Chevery Hornets and Harrington Harbour Devils.

Finally, Sunday afternoon came and the finals started. The B finals were between the La Tabatière Bullets and the La Romaine Warriors. After the very exciting game, the game finished. The La Romaine Warriors won the B banner.

NET-sports we 1
B finals between the Bullets and the Warriors. Photo: Geneva Jones

  Now it was time for the A finals between the Raiders and the River Rats. After an action-packed game, the A finals had a winner. Despite their attempts, the River Rats were unable to beat the Raiders. The Raiders had brought home the A Banner.

NET - sports we 2
A Finals between the River Rats and the Raiders. Photo: Geneva Jones

Written by a secondary student, École Netagamiou school



Another point of view on Chevery’s sports weekend

The carnival was mostly about hockey. The ski-doo trail  (Route Blanche) wasn’t very good for people coming in so there wasn’t as many people as usual.

    The games went from ages 0-12. The little kids were inside and the older kids were outside. There were running and sled races outside and ball in the bucket and bowling inside.

NET-sports we 3
A view of Chevery’s covered rink during the weekend. Photo by Sylva Marcoux

    They had a pot luck supper and food at the rink. The dance was at the community hall. The band came in late and it wasn’t very good. Overall the dance wasn’t very good and the rink was mostly hockey.

Written by Jorja Rumbolt, Grade 6, Netagamiou School


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