Meet Greg Driscoll

Meet Greg Driscoll, former student of Saint-Augustine school and the lighting quick goalie for the Saint Augustine Devils.

Cayden Anderson: What is your job and what are your responsibilities?

G.D.: I`m a concrete removal specialist and my responsibilities are to get my job done as quickly and efficiently as possible without anyone getting hurt or anything getting damaged or broken …

C.A.: What do you like about being a goalie?

G.D.: Everything, buddy. The way some people look up to you, the pressure, the way your team looks at you to be on your game when they need you most, and being able to change the momentum of a game on a dime. And, of course, the COOL equipment.

C.A.: How many shutouts do you have so far?

cayden interview
Here is a picture of the number 1 goalie for the B Division on the Coast. Photo by Cayden Anderson

G.D.: Four.

C.A.: How many games have you won in a row?

G.D.: Well, the most we`ve won in a row this year is 3, I think.

C.A.: What were some highlights or important events in your adult life?

G.D.: Going to college for a year, buying my first ski-doo, and working a job that has allowed me to travel across Canada, exploring and getting a first-hand experience of the beauty and diversity of our country .

C.A.: What special interests do you have?

G.D.: I love hunting even though I don’t get a chance to do it as much as I`d like, traveling to different cities and places across Canada, being around friends, and having a good time and a few grins. And, of course, hockey and sports in general.

C.A.: What is something special about you?

G.D.: Um I don’t really know … I like to put other people before myself and help out, and I love having a good laugh.

C.A.: What helped you persevere when your interest in school was declining?

G.D.: My parents pushing me to get it done and also my secondary teachers I had at the time.

C.A.: What was your greatest challenge after you graduated from school?

G.D.: Finding something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life… I’m still working on it.

C.A.: What would you like to say to those currently in high school who are struggling? 

G.D.: Just keep at it and get it done because it’s something you need to accomplish if you want to be successful in today’s life.

C.A: What would you change if you could go back in time?

G.D.: Well… my interest and attitude towards finishing college.

C.A.: Do you have any advice for the kids reading our blog?

G.D.: Yeah I do … stay in school and always push yourself to do better. You will appreciate it in the long run.

Cayden Anderson, grade 4, École St. Augustine School


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