An Important teacher in St. Augustine

I spoke with Catherine McKinnon who worked at St. Augustine School for over 30 years.

Brayden Boland: What do your friends call you?

Catherine McKinnon: Kathleen.

interview brayden
Catherine is happy to be interviewed Photo credit: Wanda-Lee Boland

B.B.: Why did you become a teacher?

C.M.:  When we were growing up there were not many jobs for women.

B.B.: Did you go to college?

C.M.:  I left in grade 7.  I went to Havre St. Pierre. I did grade 8 in a month and a half then grade 9.   Back in them days grade 10 and 11 was college.

B.B.: Tell me something that not many people know about you?

C.M.:  For 2 years while I was at school I had to wear all black.

B.B.: Do you have any advice for the kids reading our blog?

C.M.:  Stay in school.

B.B.: Do you like kids?

C.M.:  I love kids! Teaching was my pleasure.

Brayden Boland, grade 6, École St. Augustine School




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  1. And Mrs. MacKinnon. You were always a great teacher. Everybody in my generation and previous always looked forward going to class. Thank you for being awesome, caring and supporting to everyone


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