Printing a future in technology

They’re one of the most talked about pieces of equipment in the past few years, something that gives people the power to create anything their imagination aspires to. The marvel machinery I’m talking about is, of course, a 3D printer, and gosh are we lucky to have access to one at Netagamiou School.

Our 3D printer. Photo credit : Michael Bobbitt.

Our 3D printer has given the students the opportunity to see science, technology and engineering in action, all at once! We are given the chance to experiment to see what works and doesn’t work, which strengthens problem solving skills in youth of all ages.  I think the most important thing that the printer has given us is the sense of wonder and how it has shown us that in an ever evolving world, there are jobs that people from the coast were never aware of. All of this has made such a huge impact on the students here at Netagamiou, and has really inspired us in ways we never thought possible. And seriously, the things we’ve “printed” are totally sick! Check some of them out:

What we can print with our 3D printer.  Photo credit : Michael Bobbitt.

Michael Bobbitt, secondary 5, École Netagamiou School

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