Public speaking 2018: a memorable event

This year’s annual regional public speaking competition was hosted by École St. Augustine school, on April 11th. There were 33 participants from 7 schools, along with 6 judges for each category. There were two categories, the junior category with students from grade 7-9 and and the senior category with students from grade 10-11.

33 speakers from 2018 public speaking regional competition. Photo by Dezerai Boland.

Here are the winners:

Junior category

1st place: École Netagamiou school –  Mallory Mckinnon – Beauty Standards

2nd place: École Netagamiou school – Savanah Perron – Holocaust.

3rd place: École St Augustine school – Maggie Gallibois Driscoll – Picture Perfect.

Honorable mentions:  École Mecatina School – Colby Gallichon – Bathing vs. Showering and from École Harrington school, Kassandra Bobbitt with Society.

Senior Category

1st place: École Mecatina school – Ocean Gallichon – Refugees are people too.

2nd place: École St Augustine school – Colby Driscoll – A Mental Disorder is not a trend.

3rd place: École Mgr. Scheffer school – Natasha Bolger – Absent Fathers.

Honorable mentions : École St Augustine school, Summer Driscoll with Two months to live and from École St Paul’s school, Brittney Lessard with Environmental protection

Congratulations to all participants!


Gia Maurice, secondary 1 and Jordan McKinnon, secondary 3, École St Augustine school

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