All about Lucas Driscoll

I met up with Lucas Driscoll. We talked about hockey because Lucas is inspiring to all the young hockey players/ goalies and all the people that like hockey.

Jacob Shattler: Who inspired you to play hockey?

Lucas Driscoll: My dad (George) and Sidney Crosby.

J.S.: How does it feel to win eight banners in a row?

L.D.: Very lucky, and rewarding.

J.S.: How was your old job in the school?

L.D.: It was really fun to see how smart and unique all the students were.

interview jacob
At the arena when the Raiders won the banner. Photo by Jacintha Driscoll

J.S.: Did your childhood influence your job choice?

L.D.: Not really, but hopefully in the future it will (sports related).

J.S.: What do you to be called?

L.D.: driscoll or driz.

J.S.: What were some highlights or important events in your life when you were a child?

L.D.: Winning the FER-O tournament and traveling to Spain for World Youth Day.

J.S.: What were some highlights or important events in your adult life?

L.D.: Graduating from college and obtaining my license.

J.S.: What special interests do you have?

L.D.: sports radio.

J.S.: What is something special about you?

L.D.: I coach a hockey team.

J.S.: What was your greatest challenge after you graduated from high school?

L.D.: Adjusting to a new environment – making new friends, the bigger classrooms sizes, bigger work load.

J.S.: What would you change if you could go back in time?

L.D.: Nothing, really.

J.S.: What helped you persevere when your interest in school was declining?

L.D.: I did not want to work construction, so I stayed in school and did my work.

J.S.: What would you like to say to those currently in high school who are struggling?

L.D.: Ask for help (don’t be afraid) because you are not alone. Everyone is struggling.

J.S.:  Do you have any advice for the kids reading our blog?

L.D.: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

Jacob Shattler, grade 6, École St. Augustine school


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