Amazing talent show

The talent show was at St. Augustine school on April 19th at 6:30 pm. Twenty students from St. Augustine school participated as artists, judges and planning committee members.

I think the show was interesting and funny. 🙂 What I like the most in the show was that the whole thing was funny, even when the awards were given. I was proud to be an award.

Here are the winners:

  • “Should be my next ringtone” award : Song What I wouldn’t do, by Kalea.
  • “I want to bring my grandma to this show” award: The best hockey, by Cayden, Maddex, Yoan and Nash. (This is where I was an award, they won a picture of me in my grandma Halloween costume 😉 )
  • “LOL” award: unfamiliar instrument, by Nash.
  • “Next Olympics athletes” award: Dark moon (gymnastics) by Yoan and Jersey.
  • “Jaw dropper” award: Chicken dance, by Tamika, Juliana and Regan.
  • “If she was a street artist, I would give her a loonie” award: Pictures of sunsets around St Augustine, by Tamika.
  • The audience award: Dark moon (gymnastics) by Yoan and Jersey.

I hope there will be another talent show next year. Good job everybody!

Dakoda Driscoll, grade 5, École St Augustine School

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