The Trooper

What is the trooper?

Well my friend, the trooper is a vehicle. Students get on and go back and forth from Mutton Bay to La Tabatière.  The trooper is fascinating. The structure is stable. The design of the trooper is pretty plain but at least it has seatbelts. It has ten seats, four in the front and six in the back. There is a heater and a light in the back. When we go over bumps, we go flying. The engine is loud, so we have to yell to talk to each other. We have to wake up early in the morning to catch the trooper. It takes at least 30 minutes or more to get to the school.

Trooper dropping off students at Mecatina School.
Photo by Melinda Gallichon.

by Carly Buffitt, Grade 6, Mecatina School


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