An Interview with Susie Martin

Meet Susie Martin, a woman who helps people with their problems.  She’s a former student of St-Augustine school and also happens to be the mother of one of my best friends.

Kalea Driscoll: What is your job and what are your responsibilities?

Susie Martin: My job is a Intervenante Sociale-Human Relations Agent. I work with people of all ages for many different issues/problems {mental health, loss of autonomy, psychosocial problems, disabilities and crisis intervention}. I work in the villages of St-Augustine, La Tabatiere, Mutton Bay and I am also responsible for all users of the long term care resources in St-Augustine and Blanc-Sablon. I am also the resource person for the Lower North Shore for the Public Curator of Québec.

K.D.: What do you like to be called at your job?

S.M.: Susie or Mrs. Martin, but I do prefer Susie.

K.D.:  What do you like about your job and why is it important?

S.M.:I like interacting with people and helping them, This is important because everyone needs support at some time in their life and it‘s helpful to know someone is there for you.

K.D.: Did your childhood influence your job?

S.M.: Yes, because as a child I loved being around people and talking with them.

K.D.: What helped you persevere in (high) school?

S.M.: For me, it was…believing in myself and in my abilities. It was also my determination to succeed.

K.D.: What was your greatest challenge after you graduated from high school?

S.M.: Completing my university degree and working while raising my son, Tanner.

K.D.: What would you say to those currently in high school who are struggling?

S.M.: I would say to them: believe in yourself, be determined, and never be afraid to ask for help.

K.D.: What would you change if you could go back in time?

S.M.: Absolutely nothing, because we all have to go through life experiences to make us who we are.

K.D.: Is there anything that you would have liked that someone had done for you when you were in high school?

S.M.: I wished people would have told me that it’s okay to struggle and have difficulties because they can make us stronger sometimes.

K.D.:  What were some important events in your life?

S.M.:  Having my children, marrying my husband, getting my education and finding my job.

K.D.: Tell me about your family.

SM.: I have a wonderful family that I love very much, I have a husband and two children, two loving parents and my three sisters that are some of my best friends.

K.D.: What special interests do you have?

SM.: I love to be active, I love to travel and explore, I enjoy learning new things and helping others.

K.D.: What do your friends call you?

S.M.: Susie, Sue and Susie Q.

K.D.: What’s your middle name?

S.M.: Charlyn {I prefer that name over Susie.}

K.D.: Do you have any advice for the kids reading our blog?

S.M.: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, challenge yourself, have fun and always be yourself.

interview kalea
Kalea Driscoll with Susie Martin. Photo credit: Melissa Irving

Kalea Driscoll, grade 4, École St. Augustine School

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