Interview with Nicole Driscoll

I met up with Nicole Driscoll.  She is inspiring because she has a very important job!

Juliana Roberts: What is your job and what are your responsibilities?

Nicole Driscoll: I’m a director in a nursing station and I am responsible for all operational services and activities, as well as all human resources management.

J.R.:  What do you think changed from when you went to school to schootoday?

N.D.: Students today have much more latitude.  Special needs are recognized and most parents recognize the importance of education for their child’s future.

J.R.:  Do you think that students should come back to St.Augustine to work after college?

N.D.:  Yes, if there is a job in their field and they can be supervised and mentored by someone who is already an “expert” in this domain.

J.R.: If you can change anything about your work what would you change? 

N.D.: Absolutely nothing. I love my job!

J.R: What do you like about your job, and why is it important?

N.D: I genuinely like the people and population I work with and my job is important to me because I get to help people with improving their well-being.

J.R.: What do you like to be called?

N.D.: Nicole Driscoll

J.R.: What were some highlights or important events in your life when you were a child?

N.D.: A class trip to Newfoundland when I was in grade 8, as I was the oldest of 7 children; I loved walking across the river to spend the weekend with my grandma & grandpa where I would be the only child for the weekend and have all their beloved attention.

J.R.: What were some highlights or important events in your adult life?

N.D.: The birth of my two awesome children. Also having the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment where my skills and aptitudes are very much appreciated.

J.R.: What special interests do you have?

N.D.: Cooking, traveling and learning new things.

J.R.: What helped you persevere when your interest in school was declining?

N.D.: Because I knew I wanted to be independent and earn my own money and have a secure job, a good education helps us do that.

J.R.: What would you like to say to those currently in high school who are struggling?

N.D.: Never give up. Education gives you the freedom of many choices in life.

J.R.: What would you change if you could go back in time?

N.D.:   I would have stayed in school longer than I did.

J.R.: Is there anything you would have liked someone to have done for you when you were in high school?

N.D.: In high school I struggled profoundly with French; however, my French teacher took me in an individual class each lunch hour to teach me French and I managed to pass. Today I have a very good job in a predominately French environment.

J.R.: Do you have any advice for the kids reading our blog?

N.D.: Education is one of the greatest gifts we can offer our children; it is your journey to freedom and in the long term it has a great impact or our well-being.

interview juliana
This is me and Nicole Driscoll taking the interview! Photo credit: Glen Belvin

 Juliana Roberts, Grade 4, École St.Augustine School


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