The principal of Saint-Augustine school and her life

I talked to Celine Girard about her job and how to do it in the future if you wanted to.

Mason Kennedy-Spingle: What’s your occupation and what are your responsibilities?

Céline Girard: My job is a principal of two schools, one in English (this one) and one in French.

M.K-S.: What are the steps you took to get this job?

Céline: I was a science and technology teacher in Gatineau for sixteen years and after that I did my master degree, then I worked for the federal government for a few years. Later on,  I became a therapist; and finally, after all of that, I became a principal for seven years now.

M.K-S: What do you like about your job & why is it important?

Céline:  I like the contact with the youth, I also like the educational path and I love the strategies and the effort that we are doing to succeed.

M.K-S:  How hard is your job?

Céline: Sometimes it’s hard to find the proper words in English and French to make the others understand and be a better person.

M.K-S: Did your childhood influence your job?

Céline: Probably, because I hated school, because in 2nd grade my teacher misses. Paulette was… pretty stupid, I thought she couldn’t teach properly.

M.K-S: What do you like to be called at your job?

Céline: I like Madame Céline, Céline and principal because they all symbolise me.

M.K-S: What were some important events in your life?

Céline: My son, the traveling and the constant learning in my life.

M.K-S: Tell me about your family.

Céline: I have a family of five. I have two brothers and two sisters (not counting me). I lost my parents when I was really young, I lost my dad when I was 14, later on when I was 20 , my mom passed away.

M.K-S: What is something special about you?

Céline: I can understand things easily and my flexibility of being able to survive almost anywhere because I was in Bolivia, the west of Canada and other really cool places.

M.K-S: What special interests do you have?

Céline: Learning, building projects and being a better person.

M.K-S: How did you like this interview?

Céline: I thought it was PERFECT. The questions were perfect, because you have a good picture of me and my interviewer was really polite.

interview mason
Here is a picture of me in the chair and Celine right next to me. Credit to Cathy Bisson.

Mason K. Spingle, 6th grade, École Saint-Augustine School


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