An interview with Cynthia Pilgrim

I talked to Cynthia Pilgrim from St.Augustine, who works at the bank.

Brooklynn Beaudoin: What do you like to be called?

Cynthia Pilgrim: Cindy, but my name is Cynthia.

B.B: What were some highlights or important events in your life when you were a child?

C.P: We traveled a lot so I was always meeting new people. I had a lot of exposure. We would always go to my grandmother’s and cousin’s. I always liked that part.

B.B: What were some highlights or important events in your adult life?

C.P: My #1 highlight was having my children, that’s a big highlight. Still traveling, I love freedom and I’m always open for adventure.

B.B: Tell me about your family.

C.P:  For me, I have two sons and I have one grandson. I have three sisters and one brother but I have one mother and two fathers. So, I have a lot of family.

B.B: What special interests do you have?

C.P: Well, meeting new people, and talking with people because you learn so much about their experiences. For me I find it very interesting and stimulating.

B.B: What is something special about you?

C.P: I reflect a lot and I like to keep an open mind. I feel I am a calm person and my motto is “Less is more”.

B.B: What is your job, and what are your responsibilities?

C.P: I am a personal counselor in the field of savings and finance but I am also responsible for the overall operations on the counter service.

B.B: What do you like about your job, and why is it important?

C.P: I love what I do because I am helping people, giving them a great service and when your member is happy I feel good that I was able to help them.

B.B: Do you have any advice for the readers of our blog?

C.P: Stay away from the drama.

B.B: How long have you been working here?

C.P: It will be 28 years on the 12th of March.

B.B: What are the disadvantages of your job?

C.P: Politics.

B.B: What are the steps you need to take to work here?

C.P: Ideally, to have a degree in finance.

B.B: Do you travel for your job often?

C.P: Very rare.

B.B: What was your favorite place to visit as a child?

C.P: That is so hard because I have traveled from Far East to Far West. I lived in Calgary for 5 years and I loved it. I love the Maritimes because I was born in Halifax and I have a lot of family there. But now, my go to place is Gatineau, Ottawa.

interview Brooklynn & Cynthia
Cynthia and I just after the interview. Photo by Jolene Beaudoin

Brooklynn Beaudoin-Driscoll, grade 5, École St Augustine School

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