Going for rides in outboard

One of the things I enjoy in the summer is going in outboard. Of course we need good weather to go for a boat ride. A couple of times when we went out in boat we saw a whale or some dolphins. Other times we didn’t even find a seagull out in the ocean.  Sometimes when we go out it looks like it might rain before we get back and when that has happened I didn’t like much at all. Most of the time it will go great when we go out. If we go further out into the ocean we might try for a fish and I’ve caught fish larger than my father. One time when we went out in boat we went near  an iceberg that was the size of a small apartment building on it’s side. We started to go near this giant iceberg and my father took two small pieces of ice that fell off before we got there and brought it home to put in the freezer. You never know what you might find or see when you go out in boat.

Liam Morency, Grade 5, Mecatina School

Kevin Morency and Liam Morency, (age 5), enjoying a boat ride. Photo by Tammy Organ


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