At The Cabin

One of the fun things in the summer is go to the cabin. At the cabin I go fishing for trout,  I go lobster fishing with my uncle Ron and I shoot at cans with my BB gun. I even beat my dad at it. A lot of the time me and my brother are playing with toy guns. Once me my brother and my dad went all around the island playing cowboys and Indians and we had to go rock climbing. It was fun. I also like to go to other islands and walk around the islands beach combing. It is lots of fun.We also look for sea glass. We even have a shower at our cabin. We go up to the Troll Bridge sometimes. We go to two more spots the 50 50 Rock and Big Cove. We also go on the rocks close to the water and look for penny wrinkles. Going to the cabin is one of my favorite things to do.

Daniel eating a penny winkle! Photo by Tara Bobbitt.

Daniel Organ, Grade 6, Mecatina school


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