Expectations Vs. Reality

Expectation: You’ve turned 16 and you think that your parents will start treating you like an adult, which means you can do whatever you want.

Reality:  Ha! nope! Your parent’s rules will still be enforced, even when you’re 30 – if they have their way!

Expectations: Our teachers love us seniors and will understand if our homework is late or incomplete.

Reality: Our teachers are tired of us and can’t wait for us graduate; they will NOT understand why our homework is late or not done.

Expectation: Homework? We, seniors don’t get assigned homework!

Reality: Oh honey! You couldn’t be more wrong. The minimum amount of homework we receive is one thing from each class.

Working hard or hardly working? Photo credit: Gia Maurice

Expectation: Everyone has a girlfriend/boyfriend in our class.

Reality: Basically, everyone is related in our class, so that’s not going to happen!

Expectations: Us senior students may try to neglect the younger students, because we are the oldest and we only talk to people our age – no one else!

Reality: In a school this size, we cannot afford to alienate anyone. Where would our volleyball team be, for goodness sake?

Expectation: We’re motivated; no sports weekends for us if we have homework to finish.

Reality: No bhy! Sports come first. If we had a bad game the whole day is ruined.

Expectation:  Seniors are made to feel like they are responsible for the poor choices or misbehavior of younger students.

Reality: Not a chance sweetie! Their poor choices are theirs and that’s their parent’s responsibility. Let them own it.

Expectations: Seniors are supposed to have the same bedtime every school night.

Reality:  It’s 10 O’clock and I am finally finished with my homework but oh, there is a new episode of The 100 tonight; what’s one more hour?

Expectation: People expect us to know which college we are going to. “Where are you going to school after graduation, my girl?” they ask.

Reality:  My answer, “Probably John Abbot, because they offer the courses I need, plus my friends are going there”

Expectation:  Finally, new teachers in College, Alleluia!

Reality: “Crystal, where are you?”

Sammie Gallibois Driscoll, secondary 4, École St.Augustine School

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