Jasper The Ghost

Jasper the ghost popped out of his shadow on October 31st at the Rowsell’s house museum. It was a dark and stormy night, the lights were flickering and the wind was howling.

Jasper was sad and lonely because he did not have any friends. He decided to go out in the village of Harrington Harbour to look for a friend in every house.

First, he knocked on Ava’s door. Ava opened the door and was a little bit scared when she saw the ghost. She quickly slammed the door, ran to her bed and buried her head under the covers.

Next, he went to Reid’s house and knocked on the door. Reid answered the door and was so scared that he grabbed his nerf gun and shot a foam dart at the ghost. Jasper was feeling sad and upset. He still did not have a friend.

After, he knocked on Ryder’s door. Ryder and baby Tyson answered the door. Ryder was not scared, he protected baby Tyson by putting him inside his pyjama shirt and grabbed his sword. He swiped at the ghost!

“Please don’t hurt me, I only want to be your friend”, Jasper said.

“I don’t want to be friends with any old ghost!”, Ryder shouted. He slammed and locked the door.

Jasper sat down and cried on the church steps. He was so lonely and sad. Suddenly he heard laughs and giggles. He said, “who’s there?”

Erin said, “who said that?”

Hana said, “let’s check it out! It came from the church steps.”

The girls looked around, and saw a little ghost sobbing.

“Why are you crying?”, Hana and Erin asked.

“No one wants to be friends with me”, cried Jasper. “And soon I have to go back into my shadow when Halloween is over”.

“We can be friends! Lets go trick or treating together,” suggested Hana and Erin.

And from then on, every Halloween, Hana and Erin went trick or treating with Jasper. And Jasper was happy.

Happy Halloween!

by Reid Ransom, Ryder Foreman, Erin Anderson, Ava Anderson and Hana Roberts, Ms. Jones’ K-3 class, Harrington School

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  1. We liked the story because Jasper the ghost had friends to go trick or treating with at the end of the story. We like the drawings, the colours are really nice.
    Grade 1-2 class, Mountain Ridge School


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