We all love the cabin

At the cabin I’m sure almost everyone thinks it is a place to relax but it’s not only about relaxing. You can go hunting. You can go climbing trees. You can go digging clams in the water with your rubber boots on. You can go looking for seashells and sea glass. At the cabin you can never be bored and not all the time you need a friend to have fun. You can do stuff with your family too even if sometimes you don’t get along that well with siblings. Now don’t anyone say they don’t get excited when there parents say “alright get ready we’re going to the cabin get your clothes and stuff ready to go”. I mean doesn’t everyone want to go for a ride in boat? I love going in boat and maybe you can fish on the way. I get so excited at night when we go outside to make a fire and roast marshmallows and make smores and then come in and have a game of cards and then get in your bunk and falling asleep. And the next morning you wake up and start over you can go set some lobster pots for dinner and then after dinner you can go pick some berries and after you pick some berries you can go digging clams.

My Uncle Travis’ summer cabin! Photo by Karen Gallichon

Zoey Robertson, Grade 5, Mecatina School

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