Skating on Kegaska’s Frog Pond!

Every year, all of Kegaska’s children look forward to the ponds freezing over to go skating and have fun. The main pond we like to use is located in town near the bridge beside the island. It is close to a lot of houses so some children don’t have to walk very far to get there and we call it the “Frog Pond”.

Leaving (6)
Path leading to the Frog Pond. Mrs. Martin
Leaving (3)
Overlooking the West Bay. photo by Mrs. Martin.


Logan Sliding (2)
Logan Sliding photo by Mrs. Martin.

This small pond is usually cleared off by the children who skate there.

Kelsey 3
Kelsey scraping the ice. photo by Mrs. Martin.

We manage to clear off a little space just for us to skate around and enjoy ourselves. The Frog Pond is also a great spot for sliding. When it snows, it makes a nice little hill for us slide on, which is beside the pond.

The Frog Pond is where our parents skated when they were younger.  Now we skate at that same pond. Kegaska doesn’t have a huge population of children to skate there, so a big skating area isn’t necessary for a small group of children. About 11 of us go there on a daily basis.




Some games that we love to play while skating on the pond are: Tag as well as Shark and Minnows. Shark and Minnows is when a person is standing in the middle of the pond and when that person (the shark) says “Swim! Minnows Swim!” the other people ( the minnows) at the end of the pond, have to skate to the other side of the pond, without getting eaten by the Shark.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages about the Frog Pond!

  •  Advantage: It is very close to all the houses.
  • Disadvantage: The pond isn’t really large to accommodate us comfortably.
Group posing (9)
photo by Mrs. Martin.
  • Advantage: We have the whole pond to ourselves.
  • Disadvantage: The children have to clear it themselves.
Group posing (10).JPG
Logan, Kelsey, Ethan, Maya, Kiara, Alana, Madison, Jamecha. photo by Mrs. Martin.
  • Advantage: We can go there whenever we want, unlike arenas.
  • Disadvantage: We can’t skate at night because it is too dark.




  • Advantage: We get to have fresh air.
  • Disadvantage: There’s always a possibility we might get eaten by a wolf.


Group Posing (21)
Soaking up the beautiful sun, while skating. photo by Mrs. Martin.

Right now we are the only 3 secondary students at Kegaska School. Our time on the Frog Pond is getting shorter. Soon, we will be leaving for school, another town, a bigger pond. Hopefully, one day, we will be able to bring our own children to the Frog Pond, and they’ll love it just as much as we always have.

Sec Girls (2).JPG
Madison, Jamecha, Alana photo by Mrs. Martin

Alana Nadeau,  Madison Nadeau, Jamecha Nadeau,

Secondary 1, 2, 3 École Kegaska.






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