The robotics club 101

The robotics club is an excellent way for kids to learn about constructing robots and coding.

After the first club meeting, all the kids couldn’t wait for the next! Everyone finds it’s a fun way to learn about coding and robots.

The club supervisors are Lyndsay MacKay and Melissa Irving.

One day a guy named Dominic came to teach us how to code our robots. We all found it really fun! I should know; I was there!

Rayn Robertson and Nash Driscoll building their EV3’s
Photo credit: Lyndsay MacKay
Cayden Anderson and Kalea Driscoll
Photo credit: Lyndsay MacKay
Dakoda Driscoll getting started
Photo credit: Lyndsay MacKay
Kameron Driscoll and his EV3 robot
Photo credit: Lyndsay MacKay

Kalea Driscoll, Grade 4 enriched, École St. Augustine School

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