Multi-Sports Tournament

The multi-sports tournament was hosted by Mgr Scheffer School from the 12th to the 14th of January, 2019. Mountain Ridge School, from Old Fort Bay, had two mini volleyball teams attend the tournament. Our school also had six badminton players attend the tournament. Four students played both sports.

Front row: Mya Cunningham, Hope Griffin and Chloe Smith. Back row: Faith Spingle, Payton Roberts, Noah Chevalier, Sydney Roberts and Ava Maurice. Missing: Samantha and Sophia Roberts. Picture taken by Madame Pennefather.
People: Payton Roberts, Ava Maurice and Sydney Roberts. Picture by Madame Pennefather.


Samuel Spingle, Austin Smith, Noah Chevalier. Picture taken by Madame Pennefather.

Mountain Ridge 2 beat Mountain Ridge 1, 25 to 18. Although we did not win other games, we had fun and it was a great experience for all of the students that participated. Ava Maurice and Payton Roberts won the sportsmanship award.

Several of our players won badminton games, but nobody made it to the finals.

We had a great coach, Madame Pennefather, who taught us things about mini volleyball that we did not know last year.

It was the first year participating in a tournament for some of our friends from grade 3 and a grade 6. Here are their thoughts about their experience:

Chloe: My favorite part was when I served and I got it over the net.

Sophia: My favorite part was catching and serving the ball.

Mya C.: My favorite part was volleying and bumping.

Samantha: I really enjoyed serving the ball.

All four agreed that they had lots of fun, but prefer playing to watching the sports events.

We saw our friends from other villages and met some new people from other schools.

It is the last year for the grade 6 students playing mini volleyball, but we look forward to play volleyball next year.

Ava Maurice and Mya O’Brien, grade 5, Payton Roberts, Sydney Roberts, grade 6, Mountain Ridge School, Old Fort Bay

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