Rabbit Snares

On the coast, there are a lot of ways to catch rabbits. I am going to talk about rabbit snaring. Snaring is one of the most popular ways to catch or to hunt rabbits.

The person who taught me how to make and place the snares was Jayden. He is from St. Augustine and that is all that I know about Jayden.

Rabbit Snare – Credit: http://www.how-to-hunt-rabbit.com/Types-Of-Rabbit-Snare.html

The first year I got to catch rabbits was 2016 and I caught 12 in total. I caught them just behind my house. So imagine if I actually went in the forest!

This is a great activity because you get to learn about nature and you go outside a bit more. Also, snaring can apply to many other animals.

Written by Dustin Pike, Secondary 3, English Class, École Mgr Scheffer


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