Harrington Harbour 93rd Carnival

A carnival is when a bunch of people from different communities get together and watch hockey, enter races, get spinning wheel tickets, and catch up with old friends.

The activities included hockey, potluck supper, races, spinning wheel, and trinket table and fish pond. These activities are very fun.

The teams that played at the carnival were Tabatiere Bullets, Chevery River Rats and Harrington Islanders. The kid teams were the Chevery Hornets and Harrington Devils.

The Harrington  Islanders and the Chevery River Rats. Photo by miss Roberts .

The kid game was the Hornets V.S. the Devils, the Hornets won 3-2 at the end of the game. The first adult game was the Islanders V.S. the River Rats, at the end of the game the score was tied 1-1. The second adult game was the River Rats V.S. the Bullets, the score was 1-1. The next game was the Islanders V.S. the Bullets, the Islanders won 3-1. In the finals it was the Islanders V.S. the River Rats, the River Rats won 3-1. The River Rats won the A banner and the Islanders won the B banner.

The Harrington Devils  and the Chevery Hornets. Photo by miss Roberts

The spinning wheel had a lot of cool prizes. They included a hoverboard, T.V., Nintendo Switch and many more things.

There were also a lot of races. There was the running race, the sack race, throw the rolling pin, three-legged race, and the potato spoon race.

Even though the weather was kind of bad but the annual Harrington Harbour 93rd carnival was still very fun.

The running race.  Photo by miss Roberts.

by Shari Harding and Olivia Anderson gr.4, Zoe Ransom gr.5 and Claire Foreman gr.6 of Harrington Harbour School

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