Fun activities with our new friends from Anticosti

Fishing at Darby Lake

On the second day of the Anticosti exchange we went ice fishing at Darby Lake. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We traveled by ski-doo with our parents and other adults. When we arrived at the lake we began fishing and we caught fish right away. We had hotdogs and toast with condensed milk for lunch. We also had maple syrup on snow. It was delicious! After lunch we made a nature cake and we made a snow cake with food coloring. Some of us played frisbee and we had a scavenger hunt, too. When we arrived home we relaxed for a while. Then at 5:00 pm we went to the restaurant for supper with our Anticosti exchange twin. It was an awesome day!

By Erin Anderson, Grade 2, Harrington School


Harrington and Anticosti Olympics Day

On the third day of our Anticosti exchange we had our annual school Olympic day competition. We had a sack race, running race, ice cube in spoon race, running up the hill race and a crawling race. We had a pizza lunch and after we received our medals from the races in the morning. Next, we were put in teams and each team made a cardboard sled which we tested on the snow hill. After we went sliding. We had a great day!

By Ava Anderson, Grade 3, Harrington School


Our Anticosti Exchange Dance

The last night of our Anticosti exchange we had a fantastic dance. We played limbo, bowling, and laser tag. We also played a game called Keep the Balloon in the Air. Our school gave the Anticosti students and teachers a bag that said: From One Island To Another, as a gift. We also got to have snacks. It was 6.30 to 8.00. Everyone had a great time.

By Hana Roberts, grade 3, Harrington Harbour School.

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