It was the perfect winter’s day in Old Fort Bay for an adventure! The grade 1 & 2 class climbed up Granny’s Hill to go sliding.

Grade 1-2 class ready to go sliding! Photo credit: Mrs Roberts.

They all got ready to go sliding at the same time, but then Charlie went down before his friends. And he went the wrong way! Kaylee yelled out “Charlie, you are going the wrong way!” Kaylee ran down and jumped on Charlie to try to stop him. William tried to stop Kaylee and he yelled out “Kaylee, now you are going the wrong way!” William went down the hill too, but he also went the wrong way! Mya saw everything happening and yelled out “William, you are going the wrong way too”! So she he ran down and jumped on William to try to stop him. Emma and Zander were on the same sleigh following the others and then Alyssa screamed, “you are allllll going the wrong way!”

Now Destiny and Alyssa were alone at the top of the hill. They yelled out “HEEEELP!” Six foxes, one wolf and a hummingbird heard them and came to their rescue!

They scared Destiny and Alyssa, and the girls sled down the hill to be with their friends. Suddenly, all that action caused an avalanche! Everyone was buried in snow! Luckily, the hummingbird heard the trapped children and was able to dig with his beak. It took a loooonng time but they were all rescued. Everybody was happy and the grade 1 & 2 class decided to adopt the hummingbird as a class pet, his name was Humminghero!

Written by Mrs Roberts grade 1-2 class :
Charlie Drudge, Alyssa Maurice, Emma McDonald, Kaylee Nother, Zander O’Brien, William Spingle, Destiny Wellman, Mya Wellman-Belvin,
Mountain Ridge School, Old Fort Bay

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