Hockey on the Coast

In St.Augustine, hockey is the most favourite sport in the winter and the only sport in our town that we play in the winter. We got two hockey teams that play for the banners. One is the Devils, they play for the B banner and the second one is the Raiders and the Raiders play for the A banner. The Raiders mostly always win the A banner and the Devils won over couple tournaments.

In school we talk a lot about NHL teams. When the NHL playoffs come, people say who they think will win the Stanley cup this year and we do a hockey board on the wall downstairs and you put your name where a team that you think that will win the Stanley cup.

The teams that I think will win the cup this year is the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Maple Leafs will go against the Sharks in game 7 overtime and the Leafs will win the Stanley cup for 2019 playoffs .

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By Brayden Boland-Shattler, secondary 1, École St.Augustine School


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