Poetry workshop with Noémie Pomerleau-Cloutier

St-Augustine school encountered a visitor not long ago, her name was Noémie Pomerleau-Cloutier. She taught us about different types of poems & everyone wrote a poem as a class:  

VILLAGE OF US  by gr. 5-6 class

A village 0f…
Kindness, laughter and love
Helping hands
Hockey, snow and no malls
Wilderness, sea food and cabins
Short days and good nights
Family, no school, no rules
Snow & outdoor fun
Togetherness, hunters & fishers
Animals, smallness & colours
Seasons, no stranger & plenty
Memories, creativity, wishes
And especially a village of us

Gr. 5-6 class with Noémie after our poetry workshop. Photo Credit: Sarah Iris Foster

Kalea Driscoll, grade 5, Ecole St-Augustine School

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