The Adventures of a Young Grandma

From the point of view of Minnie Drudge
The Molasses

Back in the days, molasses was very important. We use to put it on everything. One day, during Sunday dinner, I was asked to get a jug of molasses from the porch. When I got there, I took off the lid of the barrel and there was a dead mouse lying on top of the molasses. Being in need, I didn’t want to waste it all so…

A scoop of molasses. Credit:

I scooped off the mouse and grabbed my jug full and ran back in the house. I didn’t dare tell a soul because I knew my picky sisters would freak out. Three years later, I ended up telling them and they almost puked at the thought of it. Plus I got a wooden spoon across the butt, but to me, the molasses was worth it.


Alexandra Osborne, Secondary 2, English Class, École Mgr Scheffer

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