Is my dream to be in the NHL impossible?

Is your dream to be in NHL possible on the coast? I don’t think so because here on the coast we have no league and nowhere to be noticed by a scout. And even if we hockey players did get noticed by a scout it would still nearly be impossible. Because here on the coast we don’t get trained everyday like they do. Plus, we only have hockey maybe five months of hockey, A YEAR.

Here on the coast if we want to be as good as some of the players we would have to work twice as hard as they do. They even get to go to tournaments and that’s only really what they need to get noticed by a scout. Here on the coast we only get to play competitive hockey in your teenage year and that’s if you’re good enough. It is a real struggle for any teenager or child on the coast to play high league hockey, we don’t have the chance like they do in the city. But I am not saying that there is no chance for us to make it to a high league professional sport because here on the coast we also do have some very high level skill players, especially in hockey. Our chance to make it to the NHL or even any national sport is very slim, but it doesn’t mean that you have to quit sport. Because you never know what can happen during a game if you got invited to a tournament not far from a village on the coast or even at a hockey school.

On the coast we don’t have any hockey leagues for kids or teenagers but it doesn’t mean that were not good enough for triple or double A hockey, because I know for sure that we have A LOT of talented hockey players but none of us have had the chance to get noticed. But like I said if we did it would still be hard to get on a high level hockey team in the city. Why you ask? Because it would consider moving away from all your friends and family and then basically restart all of that when you have moved. But if I would ever get noticed by a scout I would move, because that might be your shot to make it somewhere. And you’ll never know until you try. And this is why I think that it is nearly impossible to make it to the NHL.

Montage par Keathon Monger.

Keathon Monger, secondary 1, École St. Augustine school

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