Terry Fox Run in Old Fort

On September 26th, the students of Mountain Ridge School participated in the annual Terry Fox Run. There were two routes the students could choose from, the challenge route up the ridge or the seaside boardwalk. Most students from Cycle II and III chose the challenge route. We also had a great turnout of parents and community members!

This year the students were given the challenge of raising $2500. If they reached the goal each house team would get to pick a staff member to duct tape to the wall.  With lots of hard work the students did it! They reached their goal!

On October 7th, each house team got to pick the staff member they wanted to duct tape to the wall.  The Dominating Brown Donkey Kong team picked our janitor, Darius Roberts. The Yellow Irontail Pikachu team picked our special education technician, Klondie Nadeau. The Limealicious Lucky Luigi team picked our principal, Travis Maurice. After lots of fun and duct tape, all three were taped to the wall. The Dominating Brown Donkey Kong team’s choice, Darius Roberts, stuck to the wall the longest.

It was a great Terry Fox Run and reward. We all had lots of fun!

Cycle III (Ryder Goddard, Noah Chevalier, Ava Maurice, Laya Nother, Mya O’Brien, Mia Spingle, Hope Griffin, Miguel Griffin, Juliana Roberts, Lucas Roberts, Lucas Bilodeau, Jasper O’Brien, Faith Spingle) Mountain Ridge School


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