WATC-Why come to the Coast

We chose to write about this topic because we feel that it is an important thing for people to know so that they can know about the beauty and freedom of the Coast.

Beautiful Harrington Harbour. Photo by Kayla Anderson.

Getting to the Coast is hard and very expensive, especially if you are planning to take the plane. Although the Bella Desgagnés is a lot cheaper, the trip is much longer. We think it’s important to make people aware of how the Bella affects Coasters. The Bella is often late and will occasionally skip ports leaving the people in the communities without fresh food.

There are also benefits of coming to the Coast, for instance it is such a beautiful place and there is a lot of freedom compared to a lot of other places in the world. With a population this small everyone knows each other. We are really close and when someone needs help no one hesitates to give it to them.

Winter brings freedom. Photo by Kayla Anderson.

We think that everyone should experience and see what it is like on the Coast, because it is very different than a lot of other places. One example is how we make a living, majority of the people work in the fishing industry during the summer. It provides a lot of jobs for people. Another main industry is the Coop and the Coasters Association office.The rest of the jobs are scattered along in stores, banks, post office,e.t.c.

We hope that this text will make you aware of all our difficulties, and that yes, the Coast is a beautiful place but we do face a lot of struggles that people living in the city don’t face. For instance, a lot of people have to go to other places to work to find non seasonal jobs.

Written by: Payton Roberts from St.Paul’s School, Zoe Ransom from Harrington School, Kayla Anderson from Harrington School & Jake Letto from École Mgr Scheffer

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