WATC-The Future of Tourism on the Coast

After being on the “We are the Coast trip”, we were able to witness and experience tourism on the Coast. The Coast is very special and unique, especially to those who are not from rural areas.  Tourists traveled on the Bella Desgagnés and visited villages such as Harrington Harbour, Tête-à-la-Baleine, La Tabatière, St. Augustine and Blanc-Sablon. This vessel currently plays an important role in tourism and we believe it still will in the future of tourism on the Coast. It makes traveling from village to village much easier and enjoyable. Tourists are attracted to this way of transportation because it gives them a chance to really experience the Coast and its beauty. The future of tourism on the Coast will be more possible with the help of the Bella. We really enjoyed the boat ride because of the view and whales, that you might see along the way.

On our trip we visited 6 different communities. One of our favourite communities was St. Augustine. This place is extremely beautiful and interesting. To get there you have to take a hovercraft which is very fun. It’s one of the only hovercrafts in North America that is used to take passengers because hovercrafts are normally used for search and rescue. The people in St. Augustine are some of the nicest you’ll meet; it is one of the best places on the Coast.

Chevery is also one of the villages we visited. Jorja lives here and it’s cool. There’s a hiking trail that leads to Netagamiou Falls. The trail is called The Bob Nunez Hiking Trail. The waterfall flows into Netagamiou River. The people would happily greet you into their community.

Harrington Harbour is a very interesting village. Boardwalks replace roads here and everyone is very close. I enjoyed the ducks that are in the middle of the village. Harrington Harbour has a fishing history that can be fascinating. Their local stores have everything you need, including popsicles.

Overall, every village on the Coast is beautiful and we definitely recommend that everyone should visit at least once.

Written by Jaylyn Fequet from St. Augustine School,
Holden McDonald from St. Paul’s School,
Jorja Rumbolt from Netagamiou School
and Ryder Goddard from Mountain Ridge School

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