WATC-We are all different

One of the most intriguing things on the Coast is that each community has a different environment or way of life. Although we all have special aspects which connect us, you’d be surprised of how different we are. We were taken on a school trip, which consisted of 9 different schools. We learned about the culture and history of 6 villages.

Chevery was the first destination on our trip. The Bella Desgagnés doesn’t go to Chevery, so sometimes, people who want to go to Chevery, cross on the taxi-boat or helicopter.

Harrington Harbour
Harrington itself is unique from every community since it’s an isolated island. It’s one of the places in which the modes of transportation and roads are far different than others.  Instead of having paved or dirt roads, they have wooden boardwalks. The boardwalks cover 2.2 km of the island and they can’t get around with conventional modes of transportation.

A bridge in Harrington Harbour. Photo by Alea Buffitt.

À Tête-à-la-Baleine l’aspect spécial est la langue : c’est francais! Tête-à-la-Baleine est une des seules places sur la Basse-Cote-Nord qui parle francais. Un autre aspect spécial est que pour arriver au village (si tu traverses sur le Bella) tu dois prendre un autobus, car le quai est à 20 minutes de route du village.

La Tabatière
One special thing in La Tabatière is Robertson Lake. Everywhere on the Coast gets their power from there and it’s a very important place to each community. It basically connects us all and “supports” us.

St-Augustine has a hovercraft. To cross over to the Innu community, Pakuashipi, we have to cross on it. They also have a helicopter and a taxi boat just in case it has complications. They need these things because if they didn’t have it, they wouldn’t be able to get to the airport or the dock (unless they went in outboard). A hovercraft is a “boat” that “blows” across the water with a fan-sort thing.

Blanc Sablon has a road of approximately 70 kilometres that connects 6 different communities of the Coast by just traveling in an automobile. These towns are Long Point (Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon), Blanc-Sablon, Brador, Middle Bay, St Paul’s River and Old Fort Bay. They also have a statue at the highest point in Lourdes called cap AVE.

                 Written by Evan Anderson from Harrington School,
Alea Buffitt from St. Paul’s School,
Jade Baptista de l’École Mgr Scheffer
and Brooklynn Beaudoin Driscoll from St-Augustine School

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