Coastal Sports Meet

The tournament kicked off with a day filled mostly with badminton. A badminton player, Zoe Ransom who plays for the Harrington teams said that her favorite part of the weekend is winning with her friends.

Children from across the Coast come together to enjoy this large coastal activity. People really enjoy coming to the tournament People play volleyball, badminton, and newly mini volleyball.

Badminton tournament. Photo credit : Carly Buffitt.

Mini volleyball was introduced to bring younger people to the tournament. A mini volleyball player, Ava Maurice, who plays with the Mountain Ridge Grizzlies said that her best experience was when they spent all of their time practicing and it resulted in a fourth place win in a even larger tournament in Sept-Iles.

Brooklynn Beaudoin, a St. Augustine high school volleyball player said that she has been coming to this tournament for a couple years and enjoys all the hard work that is put into the sports.

Juliana Roberts a Mountain Ridge badminton player said that her favorite part of a game is the anticipation that leads up to it. She said that the anticipation gives her a confidence in the game that follows because if you aren’t nervous you aren’t prepared.


Mini volleyball tournament. Photo credit : Carly Buffitt.

Payton Roberts, secondary 1, St.Pauls School Grizzly

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