The professionalism of a nurse

I have spoken with Andrea Chislett to find out what it’s like to be a nurse, the steps she had to take to become a nurse, and her life in general.

Jaylyn Fequet: What do you like to be called? Do you have any nicknames?

Andrea Chislett: Andrea, but when I was younger I was called Ange.

J.F: What steps did you take to become a nurse?

A.C: I decided to be a nurse in sec. 3. I did high courses in high school as a prerequisite. Moved to Lennoxville and did 1 year college until nursing program opened and then 3 year nursing program from 2009-2013. 

J.F: What were some highlights or important events in your life when you were a child?

A.C: I think a highlight for most of us growing up is being able to enjoy the freedom that surrounds us on the coast. Living so close to your friends; having the privilege of going to the same school as them. The things I most looked forward to were the sports; hats off to the school staff who always worked so hard to keep us involved in sports events despite the high cost to attend them. Most importantly, to live close to so much family. By family, I not only mean close family but our entire community.

J.F:  What were some highlights or important events in your adult life?

A.C: As I said earlier I knew I wanted to be a nurse since secondary 3 of high school. I think one of the highlights of my adult life so far is the journey it took me to where I am today – working here in St. Augustine as a nurse.

J.F: What inspired you to get your job?

A.C: The desire to move home. I had an interest in both nursing and law school but knew that nursing, with the right amount of work, would land me on the coast.

J.F: What was your greatest challenge after you graduated from high school?

A.C: Leaving my family and my home/community.

J.F: What would you like to say to those currently in high school who are struggling?

A.C: It is hard. We face many hardships in life but it is important to find a goal- a dream and push through your hardships. Take your struggles and fight for success. In the end it is all worth it.

J.F: Tell me about your family

A.C: I have a very tight-knit family. My mother’s name is Loretta and my father is Ray. I have two brothers: Tory and Aaron. Two sisters: Trisha and Vick. I owe a great deal of my success to these individuals. They are very special to me.

J.F: What special interests do you have?

SAS interview Jaylyn
A picture of me and of the nurse, Andrea Chislett. Photo Credit: Jersey Driscoll-McKinnon

A.C:  -Sports: Hockey and volleyball specifically.

– Being outdoors:

-The winter: Ice fishing and skidoo

-binging on television series haha!

J.F: What’s your favourite part of your job?

A.C: Interacting with people. Doing my very best to help. Being an advocate for those who need it most – Not the paperwork haha!

J.F: What is something special about you?

A.C: I think my determination counts for something. Also my hard-headed tendencies.

J.F: What are your responsibilities as a nurse?

There are many. We have a code of Ethics to follow. I think it’s really finding a balance in being yourself and also maintaining the highest level of professionalism; putting your clientele first. One of the most important is your confidentiality. Here on the coast we often work in the clinics without a doctor present; that comes with a lot of responsibility in itself. The list is long; these are just a few.

J.F: What helped you persevere in school when it got tough or you lost interest?

A.C:   There are many. But the most important would be my family; parents and Kyle was in Lennoxville with me for the majority of my program. He got me through some tough times. Also keeping my goal in mind. As I mentioned before, being hard-headed kept me pushing through a lot! I have to also point out my teachers from the very start of my education to finish. They were a very large part of reaching my goals. They were always there to push me, helped me persevere when things got tough. I may not have always said thank you at the time. But a huge thank you now! J

J.F: What do you like about your job, and why is it important?

A.C: I like pretty much everything honestly. Least favourite would be the loads of paper work that comes with it but that’s all a part of it. Honestly there are so many things to like about it.

J.F: What would you change if you can go back in time?

A.C: I would really like to go further with my education. Now that I’m settled on the coast, it’s hard to think about leaving. If I had my time back, I may have completed my bachelors first. However, I also think the steps I took after my nursing program are exactly what got me here. I am interested in continuing my nursing through online education.

J.F: Do you have any advice for the readers out there that want to become a nurse?

A.C: It is a dream worth pursuing. It is hard; a lot of work but so worth it. Especially to the readers on the coast who are interested in both nursing and living on the coast but are afraid to leave home. I was there. You have to keep in mind that in order to live on the coast; it is very important to work hard to create your own success to ensure that you have something concrete to ball back on; to build a foundation on. Leaving home is only temporary; if you are determined enough you will find success. It may sound corny but if you put in the right amount of effort you may just land the job you love; surrounded by the people you love.

Jaylyn Fequet, grade 6, École St Augustine School

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