Nerf Wars

Last summer we had many Nerf wars. Most of the time we complain that the teams are not fair so we do free for all. Before the Nerf war we write our names on our bullets. The rules are you have to stay beside the school, no complaining if you got hit and no double teaming and no head shots and the final rule is no taking other people’s bullets. At the end of the Nerf war every body helps each other find their bullets. If someone lost a lot of bullets I would give them a few of my bullets. Most of the time we have Nerf wars is on someone’s birthday or when we are bored. If it’s on somebody’s birthday there will be teams and the birthday boy would make them. Nerf wars are lots of fun if we don’t argue.

Brent ready for a Nerf War! Photo by Tina Leon

by Brent Maurice, Grade 6, Mecatina School

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