St.Augustine’s electrician

Meet Gordon McKinnon, the electrician in St. Augustine. We talked about electricity and I got to know him a little bit more.

Dakoda Driscoll: What is your job and what are your responsibilities?

Gordon McKinnon: Electrician, I’m responsible to help people with electric power and give power to new houses.

D.D. : What do you like about your job and why is it important?

G.M. : I like my job because I meet a lot of different people and electricians are important.

D.D. : Did your childhood influence your job choice?

G.M. : My dad was an electrician and worked for Hydro Québec, that’s why I wanted to become electrician.

D.D. : What do you need to do to become an electrician ? 

G.M. : You need to go to school and take courses, then you need to work for a few years for someone and then write a test.

D.D. : Is electricity confusing ?

G.M. : Not more confusing than any other job. You need to get use to it.                                  

D.D. : Tell me something  about yourself that nobody else know ?

G.M. : I got a lot of money.  (laughing )

D.D. : What do you like to be called ?

G.M. :  Gordie.

D.D. : What were some highlights or important events in your life when you were a child ?

G.M. : When I went out to school, I was only 13 so I got to see things I haven’t seen before.

D.D. : What were some highlights or important events in your adult life?

G.M. : When my two daughters were born and when I graduated from school.

D.D. : Tell me about your family ?

G.M. : There are 6 children in my family. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. I have my spouse, Lucille and 2 daughters. My first daughter, Julia, is an OPP officer. My youngest daughter, Dana has a degree in Sports Management.

D.D. : What special interests do you have ?

G.M. : Hunting and fishing, also playing hockey when I get the chance.                                   

D.D. : What is something special about you ?

G.M : Everyday is a good day because I’m alive.

D.D. : Where did you go to school ?

G.M. : I started school in Schefferville. Then I went to St.Augustine when I was 7 years old. Then I finished my high school in Lennoxville. I did my electrician courses in Lennoxville.

D.D. : How many years have you been an electrician ?

G.M. : I have been working with electricity for 40 years.

D.D. : What company do you work for ?

G.M. : I work for Les Enterprises C.A Jones for 33 years.

D.D. : What does an electrician do ? 

G.M.: An electrician wires homes, buildings, etc. We repair anything electrical.

D.D. Do you have any advice for the kids reading the blog?

G.M.: Whatever you are interested in, go to school and become educated. Be successful.

interview dakoda
This is the electrician of St. Augustine. Photo by Wanda-Lee Martin

Dakoda Driscoll, grade 5, École St. Augustine School



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