Interview with my Grandfather

Blanc-Sablon is small; meaning there won’t be exactly much in a history book about it. So the only way to know the past is by asking the elderly. I asked my grandfather some questions and these are his answers:

Blanc-Sablon was about half as small as it is today. The houses were made from wood like today. The ferry wasn’t there. The road was the most advanced technology at the time. Hunting was really necessary because there were few stores and no money. All of the students, no matter what grade, were in one room. Everyone was very religious, and I mean everyone, at the time. My grandfather doesn’t know the name of the mayor at the time. You could trout, sled, skate and do other snow related activities. The AVE statue was still there and the boat at the foot of AVE Mountain is about is 30 years old. The 3 towns were connected by a foot path and road. Hockey was still very important and popular here. Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon was always the name. Fishing was the most important industry. And finally, the hospital was tiny compared to today.

The wharf in Blanc-Sablon – Credit: Gary Landry

It was good to talk to him about this and to keep our heritage alive after all of these decades.

Written by Kyle Jones,
Secondary 3, English Class,
École Mgr Scheffer

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